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Gibson Digital Comes to Life

Glenn Gibson, a 15 year veteran truck driver, traded in his Rig for a Computer and began an exciting new venture.

While Gibson Digital continues to thrive as a top printing & sign company in Barrie, Ontario, it was surely not established overnight; in fact, Glenn Gibson co-owner of Gibson Digital entered the print industry in 1996 without a lick of experience.

“When I first came to look at the printing business, if you told me to turn on a computer, I wouldn’t have known which button to push” – Glenn Gibson

As a one-time hardware store manager and truck driver, it was Glenn’s eagerness and determination that lead him to purchase a copy-shop franchise, entering into a new unfamiliar world.

With very little (no) disposable income, a minimal “start up package”, and virtually no knowledge of the printing industry, there he was ready to take up the challenge and find a way to make a living and provide for his family of six.  Lack of knowledge, limited printing equipment and design software were just a few of the challenges that lay ahead for this young entrepreneur.  Glenn worked with what was available, testing various ideas through some rather creative print experiments. The results provided him with a unique style of print technology that kept Gibson Digital alive in the beginning.  Gibson Digtal was the first shop in Simcoe County to have a connected colour copier. It was the first days of full colour digital printing. Soon he came up with an innovating process that allowed them to print on card stock suitable for business cards and postcards.

” When no one else could,  we did! It was a ‘God sent’, I don’t mind saying it. If it had not been for that innovation someone was going to go hungry. It doesn’t sound like much but at that time full colour business cards were at a premium; $349.95 was a good price for 500 business cards and we could print and provide them for a lot less. Another big benefit was clients no longer had to wait for weeks to get them. That, really got us noticed! ” Glenn Gibson

The Anne Street storefront originally opened in October 1995, at 29 Anne St. South and in April 1996 it came under the new ownership of the husband-wife team of Kelly and Glenn Gibson. As they grew the time came to  move  and in 2006,they found a new home, 116  Anne Street South. Now in their new location they could begin offering a full line of Sign services as well. Glenn and Kelly work alongside three employees, all playing important roles in their on-going growth and success today. It took time but eventually, we put together a well qualified team and now Gibson Digital is a high-tech full service-digital print shop.

“Having the vision is important, but it doesn’t make you any more important than anyone else on the team” says Gibson – Glenn Gibson

Today, Gibson Digital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and software. They are a complete digital house all printing devices are, connected devices. They have the ability to print in excess of 250,000 8.5 x 11 images daily and do large format work as well.  Which means they can do banners and store front signage that incorporates all the colour and sparkle you can ask for.

Whether you are an established business with specific requirements, or you require initial logo design, no other printing company in Barrie offers the widest array of printing services, than those available to you at Gibson Digital.

Looking forward to working with you!